Monday, May 16, 2011

Tabata timer

Tabata Timer

Tabata timer is a program designed for tabata intervals. This program is designed and coded with java so you need java to run it. It has been tested on Windows and Linux.  This is the first version so any improvement ideas are welcome. Use the comment box for improvement ideas or send an email to qthrasherq(a)

New to tabata intervals ? Check the links on the right.
You need java to run this timer, get it here.

Android version released!

Tabata timer Installation instructions:

Tabata timer 

for Windows

- Download the program from the download button on the right
- Double click the tabatatimer.jar
- If it does not start right click -> open with  and choose Java runtime environment

Tabata timer 

for Linux (Ubuntu)

- Download the program from the download button on the right
- In Linux you need to give permission for the user to run it.
- In terminal go to the folder where you downloaded the file
- Write: "sudo chmod 777 tabatatimer.jar"
- Then it asks your password

Or in graphical interface
- Right click the file -> properties -> permissions
- mark the "allow execution file as program"-spot

Then double click to file.
If the program does not start right click -> run with Java runtime environment